Benefits Of Using Luxury Magnetic Gift Box

Rigid or magnetised boxes are frequently used to present luxury goods including cosmetics, jewellery, watches, and expensive electronics. Magnet boxes stand out from their carton box counterparts because of their dual purpose and practicality (the boxes are rigid, making for easier storage and movement of the contents within and conveying messages in an aesthetic way.

Sturdy and Simple

A magnetic gift box paper has a base weight of 800gsm to 1600gsm, and it’s packaged inside a durable chipboard box. Because of this, the product inside can be safely stored in this particular style of box. Coated or fine art paper make up the outer layer. This outer layer of paper is there so that you can print textures, logos, messages, etc.

Printing the Magnet Box

Rigid boxes, also called “magnet boxes,” are often used to store and transport expensive items. A magnet box’s construction is often split in two halves, Cardboard or chipboard, used as the box’s inner layer, provides a rigid and stable foundation.

Superior Advantages

The magnet box is a more expensive option than regular cardboard or paper boxes because of its high-end status. There are perks to this premium package, though, that might make you think about getting it, the dangers arise when buyers mistake legitimate products for knockoffs or similar ones.

Magnetic packaging

The possibility of damage or collision during transportation is eliminated, which is a major concern for any company’s operations, production, and business activities. The product is designed to be safe against harm from outside sources, which is why the magnet box is constructed. Physical or chemical changes can degrade the quality of a product.

Premium magnet packaging

The Magnet box is a high-end form of box made from paper with a high base weight, making it exceedingly robust, which not only aids in protecting the object within but also makes the consumer feel more at ease when opening the box.

Correct Stuff

The outer layer may be composed of Couche, Ivory, Duplex, or art paper, and the core may be constructed of carton board or chipboard. If you’re looking to save money, Duplex paper is a common choice. However, Couche and Ivory paper would be the best option for a sharper and clearer present box in terms of printing quality.

Magnetized Packaging Concept

You can tell a lot about the magnet box’s intended use from this. You may find 17 examples of luxury box designs to use as a reference here. Additionally, if the magnet box requires great sophistication, art paper is a good option due to its gorgeous features such as embossed patterns or glittery surfaces.


The use of colour is integral to the brand’s identity. The soft pastels and dark tones commonly employed in printing magnet boxes convey an air of sophistication and refinement. Luxury packaging is typically presented in monochromatic tones with a minimum of design flourishes, with the brand name and tagline prominently displayed.

Cost of Printing a Magnet Packaging

There are several variables that affect the final price of printing a magnet box, including, accessories like bow ties, box buckles, fabric, paper, inner lining foam, etc., that are attached; other factors like quantity, time, and special requirements; and the material, box design, printing and processing techniques, and so on.