What Features Do You Get in Rockchip RK3588 Core Board?

Rockchip processors have been in the market for a while and have already proved their worth as a powerful development kit. The device is designed on a low-power technique to attain its maximum efficiency and run-on full power while cutting down the heat produced. They are making it a suitable choice for your following generation gaming setup. The fantastic features of the Rockchip RK3688 Core board to see include:

  • 3D graphics acceleration.
  • Decoding and encoding media hardware.
  • An octa-core processor with 16 GB RAM.
  • 128 GB of memory storage.
  • Support resolution of up to 3840×2160.

What gamers and technical community members love about RK3688 is that its system-on-module is slightly dissimilar from the board-to-board connectors. This makes RK3688 a relatively compact and intelligent design while exposing more I/Os than what is present in a 314-pin MXM edge connector. Its technical specifications, along with its baseboard fitted with the module for early software development, testing, and evaluation, make RK3588 one of the best choices for development kits.

Why Should You Go for RK3588 Instead of all the Other Options in the Market?

• High Performance

If you are looking for a high processor development kit that fits your gaming PC’s requirement perfectly, RK3588 qualifies to be a great choice. Combining its key performance specification like ARM quad-core GPU, 6YOPS computing power, and other features like AI-accelerator, octa-core 64-bit CPU, etc., there is nothing that can beat RK3588 in its performance.

• Dominant Video Codec Features

With images and visuals popping out of the screen and excellent media decoding and encoding hardware, RK3588 comes with a multiplex 1080P that has a speed of 30fps codec that supports 8KP60 video and simultaneous decoding and encoding.

• Enabled With Complex Presentation of Output

If you are looking for a development kit that can provide a multi-screen display of output signals like DP / HDMI / EDP / MIPI without requiring any extra expansion card, RK3588 is here for you. Enhancing the human-computer interface and providing a next-gen screen High-Definition display experience, this development kit supports simultaneous multi-screen display, different display concurrent, screen splitting, rotation, and splicing. Anything for your game-up display!

• Versatile Application Scenarios

RK-3588 is trending in the searches for the most versatile oriented development kits because it supports scenarios like live industry station, IoT opening, intelligent NVR, industrial control, cloud terminal, data release gateway, and multimedia marketing engine. You can also make the most of this development and evaluation kit by using it in the area of rooted artificial intelligence.


Other reasons that allow RK-3588 to overpower its competitors in the development board category are rich video input interfaces, several operating systems, string network communication capabilities, standard SODIMM 314P interface, extensible outlying interface, and remote-control system.


Your search for a potent and hi-tech development kit that doesn’t only fit the needs of your PC but also perfectly complements your gaming setup ends with RK3588. These CPU modules and development boards fall under the category of standard prized modules on the marketplaces on the internet. You can finally have your 4GB RAM and 32GB eMMC flash supporting RD-RK3588 development kit if you visit the website above to place your order.